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13 May 2012 @ 07:40 pm
07 March 2012 @ 02:24 pm

Brazil is known for a bunch of things: carnival, soccer, beautiful women and gorgeous beaches. But the most usual thing you hear about Brazil is how Brazilians are just so damn friendly. 

Brasília is the capital of Brazil. The political center of the country is here. But other than that? Nothing else characterizes us as Brazilians. I can safely bet that most people don't even know this place exists and think Rio de Janeiro is the capital. Or São Paulo.

In Brasília we have no beaches, we don't have a big tradition in soccer (even if we do have some teams, just not old ones or even very good), neither do we have one in carnival parades

This city is... weird. 

To go anywhere you have to use a car or public transportation, there is no walking in Brasília. 

There are no streets and no corners. I swear. There aren't!

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These thoughts are based on my experiences teaching alphabetization to grown ups in horrible social situations for a year and teaching a second language to all ages up until the present days.

When you start teaching, you strip yourself of your humanity. As soon as you introduce yourself as the teacher for that particular class, you become this entity that signifies that you are no longer a human, you are no longer relatable, you are no longer part of that society.

You are there as judge and executioner.

And in that capacity, you become, in the eyes of the students, a superhero or a villain. Sometimes both.

Teaching the grown ups - people way over the age of forty who had no opportunities to learn, sometimes because they had to work from a young age, sometimes because of family abuse - was a big experience in the sense that you could feel the shift very clearly, and it almost always tended to go to the “superhero” side of the scale.

We were someone superhuman who came to save them from their old reality and we were supposed to have all the answers and be completely capable to deal with all problems that should arise in that classroom.

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28 January 2012 @ 11:31 am
Today I taught a very serious japanese man, suit and all (come on, man, it's saturday!) and... I MADE HIM LAUGH TILL HE TEARED UP.

Yes, I am proud.

This semester started out great.
30 October 2011 @ 06:42 pm
I was a part of a production. Ok, yes, it was a school production and it was mandatory for all the teachers, but still, a production. I danced Thriller with my students - dressed in rags and with fake blood all around my shirt and ripped jeans, then we brought the house down because it was damn cool. 

After that I didn't want to stay a zombie for all night.

I changed costumes in the middle of the Party, yes, I am that kind of person. 

So, here is my costume: 
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14 January 2011 @ 12:54 am


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01 December 2010 @ 06:39 pm
I didn't do a thing online this year. Last year I was a complete wanker, I was told. Always on and on and on whenever december first came around. So I thought, ok, I'll just wear my ribbon today, not talk about it, not gonna do a big thing, not even gonna spam everybody at twitter like I do everyday. A silent day, of sorts. I dunno. It looked as if everybody else forgot. It made me feel very sad. Eu não fiz nada online esse ano. No ano passado fui nojentinha pra caramba, me disseram. Falando sem parar no primeiro de dezembro. Então pensei, ok, vou só usar minha fitinha, ficar na minha, não enxer o saco de ninguém, nem mesmo no twitter, algo que faço todo dia. Fazer algo quase como um dia de silêncio. Sei lá. Parece que todo mundo esqueceu. Me deixou triste pra caramba.
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18 November 2010 @ 09:49 pm

Tonight is one of those nights where you just feel like sleeping
And you feel a bit melancholic, even if you aren't sad at all.
One of those nights where you listen to sad music just so you can have a reason to cry.
A reason that is legitimate enough so you aren't considered crazy, but isn't really connected to any of your real reasons to cry about.

Tonight is one of those.
Hoje a noite é uma daquelas noites em que você só quer dormir
Você se sente um pouco melancólico, mesmo que não esteja triste.
Uma daquelas noites em que se ouve música triste só pra se ter um motivo pra chorar.
Um motivo que seja legítimo o suficiente pra que não seja louca, mas não é realmente ligada a nada que realmente me dê motivos.

Hoje a noite é uma dessas.
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05 November 2010 @ 03:11 pm
And here are some links for the new MUSIC from the episode of glee (Never Been Kissed)

megaupload || mediafire

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I dont know how many of you remember that I was once in the Harry Potter fandom (even if I sucked at it, wrote some of my own). And I was a crazy fan of the Big Name Fans and all that. One of my favorite authors in ever was this girl called bookshopAja, that I had no idea was so huge, that is, until I started writing myself.

Since the beginning, fandom was like a very dysfunctional family for me and fanfic was the way I found to express some of my creative outbursts more easily. It gave me comfort and it gave me friends. It's changed my life, and it sounds completely melodramatic, but fandom really did save my life, in a way or another, more than once.

Lately, I've met these people from another fandom, that I'm not all that participant in, but find amusing all the same: House M.D., you know, cranky bitch who almost kills his patients than cures them with gum or something.
And these girls are fun, amazing, even if a little too much for my shy personality sometimes. They just fell in love with Anne Rice's vampires and it made me feel horrible that her works would never allow fanfic to be written. And then, I realized most of these girls haven't ever heard of the "I'm done explainging why fanfic is ok" essay, simply because they never heard of bookshopAja before. And that is simply not right.

So, flist, I give to you, the most wonderful thing you might ever read as an author of fanfiction:

I'm done explaining why fanfic is OK.
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